About Analytics IAS Academy

One of India’s most renowned institutions, The Analytics, trains applicants for the Civil Services Exam at all three levels—the Preliminary Test, Main Examination, and Personality Test. Over 250 students have benefited from the Institute’s assistance in entering the Civil Services, including the I.A.S., I.F.S., I.P.S., and other Central Services, since its founding.

The Central Universities and other reputable Institutes’ highly trained and experienced faculty members make up the Institute’s teaching staff. A minimum of two to three teachers are often hired for each subject in order to give high-quality instruction and assistance. Six instructors are assisting the candidates in general studies. The Institute has a dedicated centre for correspondence education that uses the most up-to-date distance learning strategies to properly meet the demands of the applicant in order to develop the reading materials for the correspondence courses.

Our main goal is to offer trustworthy advice to applicants studying for the Civil Services Examination administered by the Union Public Service Commission in order to help them land their dream job. The Union Public Service Commission has consistently worked to design the recruitment process such that the greatest talent is found. The Commission has implemented a new examination system starting in 1979 for this reason. The new Combined Civil Services Examination seeks to examine a candidate’s ability to use knowledge to solve real-world situations as well as his capability to comprehend and analyse complex concerns. The Commission has introduced a screening test with this objective in mind.

Additionally, the examination system calls for candidates to study for a subject of Honours or Post-Graduation standard that they may not have had the opportunity to study for during their Graduation and Post-Graduation levels. This necessitates a completely new approach to preparation on the side of the applicant in order to pass the Civil Services Examination, which is very dissimilar from the conventional university-type exam. As a result, a candidate who has recently graduated from college may not fully understand what is required of him in order to pass the Civil Services Examination. He is unable to choose a new optional subject that will fit both his ability and his prospects of performing better on the Civil Services Exam. A professional educational institution that specialises in the Civil Services Examination can be of assistance to a candidate in this situation.

We not only provide applicants with relevant advice but also assist them in making the right choice of optional topics because we are aware of the challenges a candidate may encounter while deciding whether to appear for the Civil Services Examination.

The qualities that a candidate must possess in order to ultimately succeed in the Civil Services Examination become obvious through a review of the successful candidates in the Civil Services Examination in past years. These qualities can be summed up as the candidate’s capacity to comprehend clearly the material of the General Studies and the Optional subjects in a systematic manner, capacity to write a lengthy, analytical, and imaginative essay in an impressive style, formulation and presentation of his answer in the most direct, logical, constructive, and analytical manner highlighting the central and salient points, and possession of an amicable, cheerful, and optimistic outlook towards life for success.

We have been practising and working to enhance our system of guidance in order to bring out the best in a candidate so that he can effectively compete in the Civil Services Examination while keeping the aforementioned qualities as the criteria.